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CNN: George Conway, conservative lawyers form group to speak out against Trump

CNN  /  November 14, 2018

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Washington (CNN)The husband of White House counselor Kellyanne Conway is among a new group of conservative lawyers that seeks to provide a “voice” to speak out in favor of principles that it feels are under attack in the Trump era.

George Conway and 13 other self-described conservative and libertarian lawyers have formed a new group called “Checks and Balances.”

Their mission statement says the members believe in the power of truth, the independence of the criminal justice system, and the necessity of civil discourse. The group aims to act as a support network for conservative lawyers who feel they want to speak out against the administration.

“We seek to provide a voice and a network for like-minded attorneys to discuss these ideas, and we hope that they will join with us to stand up for these principles,” the group’s mission statement reads.

Along with Conway, the members of the group include a number of former George W. Bush alumni like former Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge, former State Department legal adviser John Bellinger and former acting Attorney General Peter Keisler, all significant individuals in legal conservative circles.

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