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Five Reagan White House lawyers endorse Biden

October 30, 2020

Note: this piece was originally published in The Washington Post’s – The Daily 202, and includes Checks & Balances members Peter Keisler, Alan Charles Raul and J. Michael Shepherd. 

While the surge of new coronavirus cases dominates the closing days of the presidential campaign, five lawyers who worked in President Ronald Reagan’s White House want other Republicans who may be torn about how to vote next week to remember what they believe will be President Trump’s enduring legacy.

“Mr. Trump’s lawless, amoral and dishonorable ethos makes a mockery of the democratic accountability that is fostered through respect for law and our constitutional principles,” they write in an open letter today explaining their decision to endorse Joe Biden. “He has overtly refused to honor the independence of the judiciary, failed to acknowledge the authority of Congress and the corresponding constraints imposed on a president by the separation of powers, demonized the free press that speaks truth to power, and undermined due process and the fair administration of justice by relentlessly politicizing the investigation and enforcement of the criminal law.”

The signatories are Peter Keisler, Robert Kruger, Alan Charles Raul and J. Michael Shepherd, who were all appointed by Reagan to be associate White House counsels, as well as Nicholas Rostow, who was the legal adviser to the National Security Council. Raul and Rostow also served under President George H.W. Bush.

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