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John B. Bellinger III joins fellow Republican former national security officials, endorses Biden

August 21, 2020

Note: This piece was originally published on CNN Politics and covers the publication of an open letter from former Republican national security officials, of which Checks & Balances member John B. Bellinger III is a signatory.

More than 70 former national security officials from multiple Republican administrations along with former Republican members of Congress announced Thursday they are endorsing Joe Biden.

The group, Former Republican National Security Officials for Biden, includes former NSA and CIA Director Gen. Michael Hayden, former Deputy Secretary of State and Director of National Intelligence Amb. John Negroponte, former CIA and FBI Director William Webster, and former Department of Homeland Security chief of staff under President Trump, Miles Taylor.
“While we — like all Americans — had hoped that Donald Trump would govern wisely, he has disappointed millions of voters who put their faith in him and has demonstrated that he is dangerously unfit to serve another term. In contrast, we believe Joe Biden has the character, experience, and temperament to lead this nation. We believe he will restore the dignity of the presidency, bring Americans together, reassert America’s role as a global leader, and inspire our nation to live up to its ideals,” their statement reads.
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