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Rosenzweig: False claims about mail-in ballots from Trump & Barr

July 6, 2020

Note: this piece was originally published in USA Today, and was co-authored by Checks & Balances member Paul Rosenzweig. 

President Donald Trump votes by mail.  As does Vice President Mike Pence, and so do more than a dozen senior Trump officials. Nearly 80% of voters in Arizona and over 60% in Montana — not known as liberal bastions — cast ballots by expanded mail-in voting.

Nevertheless, last month, when he wasn’t busy ineffectually trying to replace the U.S. Attorney in Manhattan with a Trump loyalist, Attorney General William Barr took out after voting by mail as rife with fraud.  In this, he was echoing his master, President Trump.

In an interview he gave to Fox News, the attorney general said voting by mail “opens the floodgates to fraud.” He said that ballots can be stolen from mailboxes.  He argued the vote by mail eliminates the secret ballot. And, he said that “right now, a foreign country could print tens of thousands of counterfeit ballots” that would be hard to detect. And so, he said, vote by mail would undercut public confidence in the integrity of the ballot.

None of that is true. Indeed, quite to the contrary, the one thing most likely to undercut public confidence in the integrity of the ballot is the false narrative being peddled by the attorney general and the president.

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