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SCOTUS must avoid partisan overreach on election cases

November 5, 2020

Note: this piece was originally published in USA Today, and was co-authored by Checks & Balances member Stuart Gerson. 

The United States political system is in a precarious place, with a presidential election hanging in the balance and a slew of key states having razor-thin margins, along with a president trying to block the counting of millions of legitimate votes. There is at least one recount in the offing, in Wisconsin, and more perhaps to follow. Several states face legal challenges that could rival Florida in 2000, with deadlines looming for the certification of electors and the electors meeting and voting their presidential and vice presidential choices.

If ever there were a time for the U.S. Supreme Court to act with restraint, this is that time. President Trump is clinging to his promise to win the election in court. The future of our democracy depends on the Supreme Court refusing to be pulled into the same vortex that has tarnished so many other reputations over the past four years.