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Somin: Who Should Libertarians Vote for in 2020?

October 19, 2020

Note: This podcast episode was originally published by Reason, and features Checks & Balances member Ilya Somin.

In July, the Soho Forum hosted a three-way debate asking the question “Who should Libertarians Vote For in 2020?” George Mason Law Professor Ilya Somin made the case for Joe Biden, chair of the Libertarian Party in Los Angeles Angela McArdle argued for Jo Jorgensen, and attorney and Manhattan Contrarian blogger Francis Menton defended Donald Trump.

A lot has changed since July, and with the election now less than three weeks away, the Soho Forum hosted another event in which those same three libertarians updated their arguments for their preferred candidates.

None of the participants have changed their minds on who to vote for, but they all agree on one thing: The stakes have gotten higher.

Listen to the episode at Reason.