Statement from members of Checks & Balances, and other current and former Republicans who have served prior administrations

December 11, 2020

Last Saturday night at a Georgia rally, President Trump continued to abuse his White House platform to undermine national confidence in our election process and its results. He incited his followers with blatantly false narratives and heated rhetoric, producing death threats against state and local officials. That very same night a group of his armed followers assembled to intimidate the Michigan Secretary of State, shouting obscenities through bullhorns as she and her four-year-old son attempted to decorate their home for Christmas.

So far, multiple state officials as well as state and federal judges have courageously and uniformly rejected this unprecedented assault by a losing presidential candidate. This week, the Supreme Court, without dissent in a terse one sentence order, also denied the President’s challenge.

Despite all of this he persists. His goals appear to be first to slander and intimidate public servants for doing their duty, and second to destroy public confidence in our election system. These public servants and their families should not have to face these threats alone—they deserve our support.

As current and former Republicans who have served prior administrations, we are dismayed that most Congressional Republicans—with very few notable exceptions—continue to be silent in the face of the President’s conduct and to abet his false narrative that he won an election that is being stolen from him. It is long past time for them to speak out publicly to oppose his abuse of public officials and the incitement of his followers to threaten their safety.

Donald B. Ayer
John B. Bellinger III
Robert M. Chesney
George T. Conway III
Charles Fried
Stuart M. Gerson
Peter D. Keisler
Marisa C. Maleck
John M. Mitnick
Trevor Potter
Alan Charles Raul
Jonathan C. Rose
Paul Rosenzweig
Andrew Sagor
Robert B. Shanks
J. Michael Shepherd
Kenneth L. Wainstein
William F. Weld
Christine Todd Whitman

Each of us speaks and acts solely in our individual capacities, and our views should not be attributed to any organization with which we may be affiliated.