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The Atlantic: The DOJ Must Prosecute Trump

July 14, 2022

Note: this piece was originally published in The Atlantic, and was authored by Checks & Balances members Donald Ayer and Stuart Gerson, and former federal prosecutor Dennis Aftergut.

As former prosecutors, we recognize the legitimacy of concerns that electoral winners prosecuting their defeated opponents may look like something out of a banana republic rather than the United States of America; that doing so might be viewed as opening the door to prosecutorial retaliation by future presidential winners; and that, in the case of this former president, it might lead to civil unrest.

But given the record now before us, all of these considerations must give way to the urgency of achieving a public reckoning for Donald Trump. The damage to America’s future that would be inflicted by giving him a pass far outweighs the risks of prosecuting him.

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