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Tom Ridge on CNN: Discussing Trump sending federal agents to cities

July 22, 2020

Note: this segment was originally published on CNN Politics, and features an interview with Checks & Balances member Tom Ridge. 

Former Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge said Wednesday that he was disappointed in President Donald Trump’s “reality TV approach” of sending federal agents to US cities to quell protests.

“I’m not even sure they have a plan. Have they talked to the mayor? Have they talked to the chief of police? Have they talked to the US attorney? They’ll leave in a couple of weeks and the lawlessness will reemerge, and they still haven’t dealt with the social and economic conditions that underpin the lawlessness,” Ridge told CNN’s John Berman on “Anderson Cooper 360.”

“It’s a very disappointing response to a serious problem, but it’s typical of somebody who thinks reality TV is real.”

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