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WaPo Opinion: On executive privilege, Mark Meadows has just about everything wrong

November 23, 2021

Note: this piece was originally published in the Washington Post, and was authored by Checks & Balances members Stuart Gerson, Peter Keisler, and Alan Raul. 

After the country voted in 2020 to elect his opponent, President Donald Trump attempted to overturn America’s centuries-long commitment to the constitutional transfer of power. Assisting him was White House chief of staff Mark Meadows, who was acting not in service of the duties of the president, but merely as a political operative for a defeated candidate unlawfully grasping for power.

Now the House Jan. 6 committee is charged with investigating the ensuing attack that imperiled both our constitutional government and the lives of our legislators and others who served at the Capitol. It is no wonder that the committee has ordered Meadows to testify and supply documents — or that President Biden has declined to block Congress’s access by asserting executive privilege, the doctrine that allows a president to protect the confidentiality of certain official deliberations.

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